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“How You Can Copy Paste My Brand New 23 Block Formula by Watching Me for Over 60 Minutes that You Can Rince & Repeat to Setup Your Successful Online Business from Scratch?”…

From: Murtuza Abbas

Monday 6:40 PM


To Struggling but Determined Internet Enterpreneur,

Are you feeling hopeless that you are not yet living the internet lifestyle that you had dreamed when you got started?…

– Infact if you are like 99% of internet newbies you have not yet made a single red dime.

So what happened?…

You’ve purchased dozens of ebooks.

Perhaps purchased tons of trainings from so called gurus promising you to make millions with their one click push button software.

Spent thousands of dollars on high ticket seminars and physical training packages.

You kept trying one product after another with a dream that this would give you the magic income system you have been waiting for.

Instead of achieving your dreams you have plugged a huge hole in your pocket and piled up credit card bills that pushed you in debt.

I had purchased over $5000 worth of ebooks, softwares and training products when I was a newbie and did not make a single dime.

What’s the reason? Why is this happening to you?

There are several reasons for this.

It is a proven stat that 99% people fail online to make a single dime. Most of the people rehash stuff and create their own training programs or one click push button software.

They themselves have not used these products to make a single dime, all they have done is purchased a few PLR products and created a unique product out of it.

When you use this information you fail because it is incomplete. It is not created for the sole purpose to help you, infact it is created for the sole purpose to sell and make money.

You have to learn from someone who has done it. Who has created original content out of the work he has done. You really have to monitor whether the person who is showing you certain steps is infact doing it themselves and is making profits doing it.

When you have their training product, the person must be willing to help you. He must be approachable via email or phone to help you out personally with the system he is teaching.

When you get access to someone who is actually doing what he is teaching you and has achieved success using the same stuff ( means not rehashing from someone or some PLR products ) and he is willing to personally help you out, then you will be successful…

Do you want to…

Help your parents, spouse, brother, sister and kids and give them the best possible lifestyle and comfort that they deserve.

Give yourself a stress free life, peace of mind that you desire and deserve.

Feel successful and proud in the eyes of your family members who will finally agree that you have done something different in life that others don’t even dare to think.

Are You Committed to do What it Takes?…

Follow a simple 23 step system that helps you build your online empire.

Promise your spouse that it is enough of purchasing new products. I will finally do what it takes to achieve success because I have got access to someone who is willing to help me out.

Take massive action, be open to make few mistakes but be persistent enough to stick to the system that will finally make you successful.

Forget about getting rich online overnight and purchasing those magic softwares that promise you to make $23,568 overnight pushing few buttons. Do you really believe this hype?

Yes, action is required to move ahead in life.

Before making change in your life and achieving success you have to realize the truth that there is no push button millionaire system online.

To achieve internet success and freedom you have to create an ethical solid system that will pump up profits day in and day out…

– It is like creating a Ferrari. It takes time to fine tune, oil, create the engine and finally test it but once it is done all you need to do is switch on the engine and it will take you at the speed of 200 kmph to your final destination.

Here’s my story…

I joined a computer class at the age of 17. They showed me how to use search engines to search any dam thing on this planet earth. I really got excited. The first thing I searched for was ‘how to get rich’
. And my frustration started from that day…

– I was a victim of information overload. I read every article, website and tried out every get rich quick scheme that landed up in my inbox.

I ended up purchasing over $5000 of products, services and softwares my first 3 years online and did not make a single dime.

I tried get rich quick schemes and softwares and I failed.

I created HUGE content sites and I failed.

I waited for Mr. Google to give me some traffic so that I could make money and this never happened.

I was severely stressed and upset that I had to rush to a cardiologist one day for severe chest pain that piled up due to stress.

Here’s how I was feeling when I was a newbie…

I was in a HUGE mess. Nothing was working for me.

I have seen days with huge credit card bills and no money to pay.

I was tempted to take jobs and freelancing projects just to drag my self so that I could continue trying setting up my online business.

I felt hopeless because I was completely broke.

I could not see any solution and more I tried more time and money I wasted.

Despite of these negative feelings I had hope and there was something within me that was telling me…

– ‘You can make a living online, just keep trying’…

What I Did to Get Out of This Mess?…

I took a pen and paper, wrote down everything I knew to setup an online business and then boiled it down into a step by step formula.

I discovered that there were 3 HUGE steps to take to build an online business and when we break them into pieces it consisted of a unique 23 block formula.

I started taking massive action with this 23 step plan and renewed my mindset, and here’s what I did…

I created a simple product and sold it for $24.95…

I applied few steps in my system and sold my first product that made me my first $24.95…

I went crazy, I was on top of the world to see my first check of $24.95 after 3 years of pain and struggle.

I cannot explain the feeling of holding my first check of $24.95 in my hands, it wasn’t about money, it was about my first victory after 3 years.

I realized that my plan was working for me. Now all I had to do is scale things up.

I created 4 more products ranging from $37 to $197.

I fine tuned a perfect traffic system that used the power of articles and search engines.

I did everything exactly based on my
23 step plan and here are the
results I got…

My network of sites along with my clients sites made me $20k, got over 100k visitors, attracted traffic from hundreds of keywords in search engines where I was ranking top in my niche.

I took the same system and worked for couple of my offline clients. My clients were among the top in skin and hair clinics in India. Results were terrific…

One of my clients got 2200 leads and 1100 inquiries in the first 6 months in the ‘skin care’ niche.

The second client got around 68 inquiries and 190 leads in 2 days in ‘hair problems’ niche from their brand traffic. This same client got top notch conversions from the system I installed on their site and they started getting over 300 patients to their clinics every month from a simple system I installed on their site.

These offline clients had brand awareness and some traffic and my conversion system started getting them leads and inquiries almost immediately.

I had my system tuned up and now I was confident. I finally knew how to create a BMW complete with the motor so to speak where all the nuts and bolts were put in just the right place.

I finally had cracked the code…

Disclaimer: Am I saying you will get the same results? Obviously not.

I don’t know whether you will get out from your bed tomorrow, watch my videos and take massive action.

I don’t know whether you will actually use my instructions and plan. I don’t know your working habits and work ethics.

There is no way I can guarantee you any income or results whatsoever.

I cannot guarantee your income as to how much you will earn from my training.

And the truth is that those who guarantee you any income are just misleading you to grab your money.

I’ll show you what I have done and how I can help you to get started with your online business.

You can make nothing or a million dollars, it solely depends upon the efforts you put in and how you use the training I provide you.

You can read my earnings disclaimers and all the legal docs at the bottom of this page.

Who Am I & What I Do?…

I am not an internet millionaire and I will not promise you that you will make a million dollars working with me.

I have blogs that drive consistent traffic from several places. You may have seen one and watched few of my videos out there.

I rank top in search engines on hundreds of keywords in my niche using a simple repeatable process.

I have several squeeze pages that give me upto 42% conversion rate and suck in leads all day long.

I have products and coaching programs that sell and have made me thousands of dollars.

I have offline clients who give me projects for setting up their internet marketing campaigns that drive traffic. I have simple systems that convert them into leads and inquiries. I don’t have rights to specify their name but the fact is that my clients are top rated skin and hair clinics in India whom I work with one on one…

– I don’t have a complicated system, I have a simple process of…

1. Creating a stunning website and blog that acts like a traffic magnet to search engines and tasty enough for visitors so that they convert into my subscribers and fans. If you have seen my blog you know what I mean.

2. I have a simple process of building tight relationship with my subscribers so that they trust me enough to do business with me and purchase my products and services and enroll in my coaching.

3. I have simple systems to create products and coaching programs. I have systems of creating products in as little as 3 hours and creating high paid coaching programs in under 3 days.

4. I have a process of knowing exactly what my subscribers need right now, creating solutions based on their needs and selling them with tasty offers that gets hard for them to pass by.

5. I have a simple process to track everything down the line and then keep improving upon specific components on regular basis.

This is the simple process I use and I will teach you just that – MY SYSTEM that I USE! Get Started for Only $9.97…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 697 through Instamojo…

You’re not getting any crap training where the owner himself is not using what he is teaching…

I walk my talk and you will be literally walking in my shoes…

“Do you think setting up an online business is easy? Think again…”

Do you know what it takes to setup a complete online business from scratch that spits out profits?

If it was really that easy everyone would be making a killing online and there wouldn’t be just 1% success rate, yeah 99% people who attempt to start an online business fail.

So what it takes to setup a system that pays your bills and makes you a full time living online. Here’s what you will have to do to get started…

1. You will have to research a profitable niche.

2. You will then have to setup a list building machine. To do this you will need…

A free giveaway to give your subscribers.

A high converting well designed squeeze page.

Follow up emails to promote your products.

Content emails to keep your subscribers interested.

Relationship building system to build trust and relationship with your list.

To setup your website and list building machine you will need…

A well designed site. For this you will have to probably hire a website or a graphic designer if you’re not technically sound.

You will need a domain name and hosting service.

You will need an autoresponder, this is very important.

You will require an affiliate management system so you can recruit your affiliates or JV partners in future.

You will need legal forms on your website to protect yourself from legal issues.

3. You will have to periodically survey your list and ask them their problems and get product ideas.

4. You will have to go about creating your own products. If you thought that just 1 product would be sufficient, think again.

Your first few products in your funnel will just break even your advertising cost, you will need atleast 10-20 solid products to boost your profits per lead.

5. You will have to drive traffic to your squeeze page from various sources.

6. You will have to communicate with your list and build solid relationship with them so that they’re open to read your emails and click through your links.

7. Here are the 3 types of products that will generate bulk of your revenue…

You will have to create high ticket products in the range of $500 to $1000.

You will have to create membership sites to drive recurring monthly income.

You will have to build a high ticket coaching program of around $1000-$5000 per year to boost your overall profits.

The reason you will have to create high ticket products, membership sites and coaching program is because your bulk of profits will be made selling these 3 things. Your affiliate products that you will promote to your list will only break even your advertising costs and will not generate huge revenue for you.

8. You will have to test every component I have mentioned above…

You should know your squeeze page conversion rate.

You should know the sales conversion rates of every product in your funnel.

You should know your email open rates and click through rates.

You should test whether you’re doing the right job to build trust and relationship with your list.

You should test everything above with individual traffic sources. You will have to setup individual tracking systems for each of your campaigns.

You should know what is the value of every visitor coming to your website.

You should know the value of every lead your site is getting.

In short you should know how much your site is making for every $1 you’re investing in each of your traffic generating systems.

9. Once you have your numbers you will now scale up your system.

Example: If $1 you invest in article marketing generates $10 in the span of 6 months from your entire system you have created above, then you can now start investing $1000 and generate $10,000 in revenue easily.

At this stage you can start outsourcing your entire system and let it work on autopilot.

10. Now you will have to reinvest your profits back into your system and make it more powerful and increase its speed to even further extent.

Let me be real blunt, this type of system takes months if not years to develop, test and tune it to such an extent that every dollar you invest in it will convert into $10.

It took me 5 years of research, 1.5 years in development work and near about $20,000 investment to setup and tune such a system.

The real reason why 99% people fail online is because they cannot setup such a system on their own as it is a real pain in the BUTT.

And after putting in this kind of efforts there is no guarantee you will succeed, you have to be really persistent and have loads of patience to take it till the end

– I don’t like to boast but I am the one who has taken the above system till the end after years of determination, patience, persistency and hard work.

The best part for you is that I am willing to share my 23 step system with you so that you can succeed with the right information at your finger tips…

Are you ready to take me up on this opportunity?…

“I’ll Give You a Set of 25 Videos with a Total Playing Time of 100 Minutes Where I will Explain You Each of the 23 Steps in Detail…”

I have shooted myself in 25 videos where each video is of approximately 4 to 5 minutes explaining you one of the 23 steps in detail. Total playing time of these 25 videos is approximately 100 minutes...

– Here’s what you will learn in these videos…

Video 1 – How to select a niche?

Video 2 – Narrow down your niche.

Video 3 – How to create a free bait to build your list?

Video 4 – How to create your squeeze page?

Video 5 – Why are your products & services not selling inspite of you working so hard?

Video 6 – How to drive consistent traffic to your website using the power of article marketing?

Video 7 – How to write your follow up emails?

Video 8 – Here’s an amazing formula that sells products like crazy?

Video 9 – How to create a product that sells?

Video 10 – How to create your product in 3 days or less?

Video 11 – How to promote your product to your list of subscribers?

Video 12 – How to create a product sales funnel?

Video 13 – How to create high ticket products?

Video 14 – How to create a coaching program?

Video 15 – How to sell affiliate products in your sales funnel?

Video 16 – How to setup a viral marketing campaign?

Video 17 – 100k per year internet business strategy.

Video 18 – How to test, track and tweak your campaign?

Video 19 – How to scale up your system?

Video 20 – How to re-invest your profits strategically?

Video 21 – How to outsource your entire campaign?

Video 22 – How to setup your own success formula?

Video 23 – How to do blogging to drive massive website traffic?

Video 24 – How to design a wordpress blog?

Video 25 – Complete process map explained.

Watch the 25th video right here, it will give you a taste of this video training package and an overview of how my system works…

So here’s the deal…

I have just launched my ‘23 Block Formula Video Training‘ therefore I am letting it out for a ridiculous low price of $9.97.

I am frankly planning to convert this video training into a high paid 12 months coaching program and charge minimum $1000 from future clients.

I am serious about this and this is not an urgency marketing tactic. If you have been following me for some time you know I am good at pulling offers and raising prices after the initial launch.

I hope to see you on the other side, click on the order button & make your payment of $9.97 right now…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 697 through Instamojo…

“Either You Love It Or You Get Your Money Back…”

You’re protected by my 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If you don’t like the videos for any reason whatsoever ( even if you think I don’t look cool in the videos ) just shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund you 100% of your money back…

You will get access to this product immediately as soon as you make your payment even if it is 2 am. If you have any questions relating to this product you can contact me through my customer support center and I will get back to you within 24 hours…

– Take action right now, click on the order button and make your payment of $9.97 right now while it is still available…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 697 through Instamojo…

To your online success,

P.S. If you really wish to change your financial future you have to take action. By taking action I mean smart action. Before you take any action you need to have a plan and a strategy in place, this is what I will be giving you…

– However I cannot guarantee your income or give you any false promises that you will be making 1 million out of this system, but I truly believe that I have created an ultimate 23 block formula for a new comer who is willing to take the next step to change his life quickly.

P.P.S. No body on earth will provide you a full blown video training for under 10 bucks, I bet you know this if you’ve been online for some time…

– Take action right now, click on the order button and make your payment of $9.97 right now while it is still available…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 697 through Instamojo…

By the way, the law asks me to include a legal disclaimer like this: Please keep in mind, as with any business investment, there is no guarantee of success.

* We are not making any claims about the income you may earn.
* We are not presenting you with an opportunity to get rich.

My products alone will not make you massively successful. In fact I do not claim that my products will lead to success. Only when you actually put in efforts necessary to setup your own business you will be successful. Therefore I cannot guarantee success with this or any product. You can check out my earnings disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of use right here…

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