“Murtuza Abbas’s Done For You Service”

Here’s how we will help you to setup your online business and drive traffic, leads & clients using article marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization, facebook marketing, link building, follow up email marketing & powerful relationship building campaigns that has helped me to bump up sales conversion of corporate clients by as mush as 200% instantly…


Phase 1 – Building the Technical System of Your Online Business…

We will build your website on wordpress technology similar to SuccessWill.com / RichfeelClinic.com WordPress design template.

Hosting & domain name setup.

Autoresponder setup.

Ad tracking system setup.

Payment gateway setup using PayPal / InstaMojo (Up to 5 Products)

Product Sales letter Setup (Up to 5 Products)


Phase 2: Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Follow-Up Email Marketing & Relationship Building Campaigns…

We will research 50 keywords.

50 articles will go on your website.

50 articles will be submitted on hundreds of websites to get backlinks.

50 videos will be created.

50 videos will be submitted on your Website, YouTube, Facebook and if applicable on other video directories.

We will convert your 50 articles & videos into daily emails which will go out to your new subscribers on automation as per the schedule you specify. If you want emails to go out every alternate days then we will build an automated follow up email campaign for you that will run for 100 days on full autopilot promoting your products & services.

8 relationship building campaigns that bumped up sales conversion of Richfeel by 200% within 18 days without increase in any additional traffic. These campaigns will even help you to convert your offline leads into clients at least 2x better almost instantly. It has even helped me to convert dead leads of Richfeel into clients extremely well.


Free Bonus: Facebook Marketing Campaign (Rs. 40,000)

We will setup your paid facebook campaign that will drive in instant paid traffic from Facebook to your website. Plus, we will manage your facebook campaign for the first month.

This service is worth Rs. 40,000, you get it for free if you enroll for the done for you service today.


Time Frame…

We will execute phase 1 within first month and phase 2 & facebook marketing from 2nd to 4th month from the time of beginning of the project.


Requirements from Your End…

100 articles you have to get written using iwriter.com, ineedarticles.com, your employees or any other offline source of your choice.

If you want us to write articles for you then it will cost you Rs. 500 per article.

Facebook advertising cost will be paid by you.

Autoresponder cost is $20 pm for 500 leads.

Kindly provide images for videos & website. We will try to take as many images as possible from our copyright free images directory we have, but if you have any additional requirements then you will have to provide us the images. Either get them clicked or purchase them online.


“Testimonials of Top Corporates in India”



As a past Director of Gorgeous Skin Care Clinic Pvt. Ltd I had associated with Murtuza Abbas in the internet marketing project. He was responsible to get around 43,000 visitors, 2500 leads and 1100 inquiries for the website in a span of 5 months. It was a pleasure to work with Murtuza due to his professional approach, timely and quick customer support. After Gorgeous I hired him for 3 more projects and the results are appreciative. I recommend grabbing Murtuza Abbas’s internet marketing services and projects. Sincerely,

– Mr. Bibhash Chatterjee, Director of Gorgeous Skin Care Pvt Ltd.



Here’s what Dr. Apoorva Shah founder of Richfeel Clinic, a 400-crore brand in India has to say about me…

Dear Murtuza,

Over the last few years we are indeed proud of your contribution to Richfeel’s growth. We wish you all the best for the years to come.

Dr. Apoorva Shah
Richfeel Founder



Murtuza has been a key part of our digital strategy and has been instrumental in helping us scale footfall into our clinics.

He understands different facets of email marketing and other digital marketing well and is an asset for any team.

Mr. Sumit Mudiraj
Digital Marketing
Richfeel Hair & Scalp Clinic




Total Quotation – Rs. 2,00,000 / $2997

Payment Terms…
50% payment in advance
25% payment after 50% work is completed
20% payment after 80% work is completed
5% payment after 100% work is completed


Click Here to contact us if you have any questions or interested in the offer and we will get back to you with the payment details…


To your internet success,

By the way, the law asks me to include a legal disclaimer like this: Please keep in mind, as with any business investment, there is no guarantee of success.

* We are not making any claims about the income you may earn.
* We are not presenting you with an opportunity to get rich.

My products alone will not make you massively successful. Infact I do not claim that my products will lead to success. Only when you actually put in efforts necessary to setup your own business you will be successful. Therefore I cannot guarantee success with this or any product. You can check out my earnings disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of use right here…

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