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– Now You Can Finally Stop Figuring Out How to Build Your First Website from Scratch Even if You’ve Tried Everything Before…

From: Murtuza Abbas
Monday 6:40 PM

To Struggling but Determined Internet Enterpreneur,

Of course, you want to build your internet business to make a comfortable living online, kick off your dead broke job and work from the comfort of your home in your pajamas while you are enjoying with your spouse and kids.

But you’ve tried so many things in the past that did not make you any money and have purchased product after product that have made things more complicated and confusing for you. Now you don’t know who or what to believe anymore.

You just want to stop this confusion and finally get started on the right track more than anything else and make a comfortable living working from home, and you should!

That’s where I come in. My name is Murtuza Abbas and I’m a 33 year old guy from India. Here’s my short, true and frightening story…

– When I was 17 years old I learned about search engines, a wonderful tool that gives information about any dam thing present on this planet earth.

And just like everyone, I was passionate to make tons of money quickly and easily. So I started hunting for ways to make money online on search engines.

I spend thousands of hours researching and testing number of ways to make dollars right from my bedroom.

I tried MLM’s, get rich quick schemes, reading emails, surfing for cash, surveys and lots of other stuff I could ever recollect.

But all that I received in return was a truckload of frustration, disappointment and on the way I wasted hours of my valuable time and money trying all this stuff…

– Sounds familiar, Right? You too might be in the same position right now.

I was really really frustrated with this internet thing, I just can’t express, and once the pressure increased to such an extent that I had severe pain in my heart and I was hospitalized for the same at the tender age of 19.

My parents took me to a cardiologist who adviced me to have a cup of coffee and relax. Can you imagine, internet stress has multiple ways to show its face.

But my passion towards success far exceeded than the problems that I faced, this really forced the circumstances to change for the good. I finally discovered a unique 4 step system, when executed with perfection will convert a lousy crap site into a massive internet success.

I went about using this system and created an altogether new website and the results started to show off, I made my first sale of $24.95 after 5 heart pain years. My heart gets filled up with joy remembering the first check of $24.95 in my hands after 5 years of struggle.

Things changed pretty quickly and that simple site made me over $25k and got me over 100k visitors.

Disclaimer: Am I saying you will get the same results? Obviously not.

I don’t know whether you will get out from your bed tomorrow, watch my videos and take massive action.

I don’t know whether you will actually use my instructions and plan. I don’t know your working habits and work ethics.

There is no way I can guarantee you any income or results whatsoever.

I cannot guarantee your income as to how much you will earn from my training.

And the truth is that those who guarantee you any income are just misleading you to grab your money.

I’ll show you what I have done and how I can help you to get started with your online business.

You can make nothing or a million dollars, it solely depends upon the efforts you put in and how you use the training I provide you.

You can read my earnings disclaimers and all the legal docs at the bottom of this page.

Yes, that’s all it took! During that time I made several mistakes. I finally decided to code down my entire blueprint that helped me to create my first successful website.

After communicating with hundreds of my subscribers and customers I quickly realized that people online are facing the same problem that I was facing to get started. They are not aware as to how to design a website, create eye catching graphics, setup automation systems to make their website work and setup a profitable system that drives in traffic and sales.

I also figured out that there were many internet marketing ebooks worth hundreds of pages that my clients and I myself would get bored to read and take action. Therefore I finally decided to create step by step audios and videos that showed my subscribers and clients to execute the exact system that I personally use to create an altogether new internet business and website from scratch…

– Watching me and copying me will make your website successful, I bet that…

I know, because it has worked for hundreds of people just like you.

I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly – your situation is NOT hopeless…

The big problem is that people who suffer from not making money online have been fed 4 myths by so called internet gurus…

“Here are the 4 biggest myths that stops you from
being successful online…”

Myth 1 – You can push a button and make money online. While this is true and I will show you how in the video training but this is not possible from day one. Keep this in mind. You have to work hard to build a list and build relationship with them till you get to the stage where you just push a button and make money.

Myth 2 – You can setup a six figure internet business in next 48 hours. However you can get started with your internet business in 48 hours but to make it earn six figures there is some more work to put in. You will learn about this as well.

Myth 3 – You can make money while you sleep or roam around on the beach. Yes you can but not from day one. First make your business successful to a certain level then you can enjoy these benefits.

Myth 4 – Setup a simple website and drive traffic and it will start making cash. Let me tell you that the biggest reason why you are not earning money online is because you are not presently executing the exact system that I will be revealing below. If you would have executed my system with perfection you would be making money without a doubt. And setting up a simple website and driving traffic will not make you money unless you have all the dirty components connected inside that makes your system drastically powerful.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s crazy to think you’ll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? If I touch a hot stove and get burned – I’d be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I won’t get burnt.

That’s why you need to try something different…

“Here’s How This Killer Audio Video Training Package Can Help You
Get Your First Profitable Online Business Ready by Setting Up Your Simple Website Starting Today…

You see, I’ve just completed recording a full blown audio and video training package that gives you a step-by-step formula for making money online.

It’s different than anything else on getting started with your internet business you’ve ever seen because it has all the dots connected to setup a sales machine online. This program has taken 7 years of painful research and 4 months to record the videos .

“Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Videos & Audios Inside This Package Jam Packed with Simple but Dangerously Powerful Steps…”

Here I will not bore you with a long salesletter, therefore let me directly get to the point. Here’s what you will discover in this 5 hours worth of video training package

The simple formula that I used to setup a simple website that made me over $25k and got me close to 100k visitors. How would you feel if you had your own website that would finally allow you to quit your frustrating day job and get you the freedom you have always desired?

The huge difficulties I faced my first 5 years online and how I stumbled upon this formula that made me an internet success setting up a simple system. Infact I was extremely lazy and if I had pumped up and scaled up my system my site would have performed 10x better.

How I tested this exact formula on a ‘skin care’ website which was an offline project and got 43,000 visitors, 2500 leads and 1100 inquiries in a short span of 5 months. And how this site ranked for highly competitive keywords like skin, skin care and skin clinic in google search engine. Imagine your site on the first page for your main keywords driving thousands of visitors and selling hundreds of products every month while you’re sleeping.

This exact formula tested on a 20 million dollar corporate client bumped up their website conversion by 200% in 18 days.

You will discover the 3 things you need to make massive money online and why missing even one of these 3 things will lead you to massive failure. Probably you have one of these things right now and still you are failing massively, you’ll know the reason why.

Why long term approach is important and how you can kill your competition even before you enter your market. The long term mindset will make you a millionaire and the short term mindset will make you that newbie who keeps failing no matter what he puts up.

The importance of patience and how it can help you to setup a wildly profitable online business. If you don’t have this quality the way I show you, you might rather get into a paid job and get a guaranteed pay cheque every single month.

Do you know what is a system? Once you discover it your entire approach towards making money online will change dramatically. The day I knew the exact definition of system my mind started working in a different direction and it will give you the motivation you really need to setup a highly successful internet empire right from the start. If you are failing online massively even though you know everything it takes to succeed then probably not having the ‘systems‘ knowledge is the missing piece that is stopping you from massive success.

The exact 4 steps you need to execute a system in the exact order as presented to setup a wildly profitable internet business that keeps growing and making you money without your further involvement once you have done the basic setup work. Every success in the world is due to the proper application of these 4 steps and once you learn these steps nothing can really stop you from achieving success, I can bet that.

You will get the exact process map I keep in front of me when I setup a new website. This is the exact diagram that you need to stick in your mindto setup your own successful website. Once you see this map your confusion on how to setup a wildly profitable website will end forever.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg you will receive in the audio training package. You will also discover…

Exact process that I follow to research a niche and start my website based on something I truely love. Do what you love and where the money is and this will change your life, this is what you will finally discover.

How to grab all the possible knowledge in your niche so that you stand as an expert in front of your audience? To grab this knowledge is easy once you know how even if you are in an absolutely new market you know nothing about.

Learn the secrets to analyse the demand and competition of your niche based on free tools and how to know whether your market is willing to spend money on the product that you will sell. Know that your product will make money even before you get started creating it.

How to go about setting up the skeleton of your website before you get started creating your website? You just cannot put up flesh, meat and blood without the right skeleton and once you have the skeleton ready you can just outsource your entire system and see traffic rolling in.

What is a silo structure and why you need to prepare one to boost your search engine ranking? I will give you example of one of the silos I have created and how you can create your own. Creating silos is one of the hidden secrets of search engine experts to rank high in the search engines, but now you will know exactly how to setup one.

Why Google does not rank webpages based on keywords anymore and what exactly Google wants from you to give your site the ranking and traffic you need? Discover this simple secret and you will never run behind keywords anymore.

You will discover the exact process I follow to setup my website blueprint and the linking navigation. Once you know how to do this you will have a 1000 page site plan ready in front of you even before you start.

Do you know what is LSI? If not you are missing out on HUGE traffic from search engines. Discover this simple LSI algorithm and you will find that your site is driving traffic from 10x keywords than it is doing right now.

Learn the exact process I use to optimize my webpages. My webpages not only drives huge traffic from various places but also gets massive leads. You will learn how to kill 2 birds with one shot. Get free traffic and convert them into leads, this is the ultimate strategy of internet million dollar gurus and now it can be yours.

You will learn the exact process I personally use to create a free giveaway or a gift for my website visitors and how I go about creating a high converting squeeze page. You will discover the 5 types of free gifts you can create and how you can create them quickly using free softwares available online.

I will give you example of the exact emails I use to sell my products and how you can set them up in your autoresponder system and sell your products like crazy automatically all day long. The setup of these emails is easy but once they are up and selling your products you just cannot stop the sales flooding from your website.

Amazing 5 strategies you can use today to build a strong long lasting relationship with your subscribers. Use one of them every 15 days and you just cannot stop your subscribers converting into your fans.

There are loads of hidden secrets I have revealed in this audio training. Here are some more tactics you will discover…

The exact system I use to drive instant traffic to my website? Use this system today and see traffic pouring into your site the next day.

If you have ever found product development a big problem, then here’s the solution you will discover…

How to know the exact needs of your subscribers and sell them products based on their needs? Do this simple step and you will never have to worry whether your product will sell or not.

How to create products that are guaranteed to sell even before you create them? You will discover the step by step system I personally use and how you can use it to create hot selling quality products.

Exact step by step process I use to create my own product right from getting the expert knowledge to creating the right kind of product and finally setting it up in my sales funnel. More products will make you more money so this is a very important step.

How to develop your salesfunnel for years to come? Learn this and making upto $5 per subscriber will be easy for you.

How to create high ticket products that you can sell for $497? It is easy and once you know this formula you can create one in just a week.

How to start your one on one high ticket coaching program that you can sell for $1000 to $10,000? Again this is absolutely easy and you can setup the foundation within one week easily once you have this simple formula.

How to include your product in your sales funnel and setup an automatic sales machine? This is the place where you will sell hundreds of products on autopilot once you have the right sales funnel setup done and I will show you exactly how you can setup one today.

How to sell affiliate products to build a powerful sales funnel for years to come? There are certain rules to sell affiliate products and if you avoid them you will literally crash your internet business right from the start.

How to easily increase your sales using the power of testing and shifting few emails here and there in your sales funnel? Once you do this you will literally have your online business make you double even triple your existing income almost instantly.

Discover the power of automation and outsourcing your systems to boost your online income. You will discover exactly how to do this step by step and the ultimate power behind them will automatically expand your ebiz beyond your wildest dreams.

Discover how to scale up your system systematically to earn massive income from your website easily and how you should reinvest your profits for unlimited growth of your website. This simple formula has made internet millionaires and now you can apply this same formula to take your profits to the next level.

– Already convinced & wanna get started instantly… Click on the following ‘Add to Cart’ button and make your payment of $67 right here…

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If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 4,690 through Instamojo…

Ask yourself a question… Is it possible for me to learn everything mentioned above all by my own researching internet or by reading a 1000 page crap ebook?…

– I bet you know the answer.

Now ask yourself another question... Is it possible for me to succeed in the world of internet and make money without having the marketing knowledge that is detailed above on this webpage?…

– And the answer to this question is a straight – NO

What you need is to watch right in front of your eyes sitting besides someone who knows how to do it and watch step by step how he does all the marketing steps. This is exactly what this package has to offer you.

As you can see, there’s nothing that I have left out, you will get everything you need to know to push yourself in this ebiz game in exactly 5 hours. 

To succeed online you don’t require huge investment, inventory, warehouse or bucketloads of products. All you need is specialized knowledge, and you won’t get a better place to grab this vast ocean of knowledge other than this audio video training package.

“Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible
Audio Video Package?”

Let’s do a quick comparison – last time I checked out that a ticket to a simple product creation workshop was priced at $997. Or you could pay $647 for a complete technical website and graphic designing course or shell out $997 at elance to hire a techie to do all your website technical work for you.

The other option is for you to shell out $47-$97 or more buying all kinds of ebooks that will most likely only teach you one part of setting up your internet business.

This will still get you confused because setting up a website is a big puzzle and just getting one part of the puzzle solved will not make a difference. As I said before, if you fail to execute even one part of the system you will fail to make money online.

How many of these $97 ebooks are sitting on your hard drive right now and you’re still struggling to setup your own internet business? When I was a newbie I had over $2000 worth of ebooks piled up on my hard drive and I was still confused what to do.

Frankly, none of these options really seemed fair to me. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain…

This package will cover the entire internet business building process from start to finish, including product research & creation, building solid relationship with your subscribers and traffic generation.

As you have seen this entire package contains approx. 5 hours of audio video training. I charge $200 per hour for one on one consultation. At this price if you would have taken this training from me personally you would have paid $1000.

In the worst case if you grab this training and setup your own simple website the way I did it you can too end up making thousands the way I did it, however there is no guarantee that you will earn the same amount as I did, you might do more or less depending on the kind of action you take using my system.

However you can even end up getting 100k targeted visitors to your website using my traffic system, again there are not guarantees.

Considering all the above factors I seriously decided to set the price at $497 for this course. But keeping this price would literally stop many of you to take advantage of this offer and set up a serious online business using the powerful system that has taken me 7 years to research and test.

Therefore if you decide right now you will not pay even half of $497. In fact you will not even pay $197 $147 $97. Yes, that’s right, you will pay only $67 to get your hands on this step by step blueprint.

Why am I doing this? For a simple reason, I want to help you to get started with your online business.

For this I want you to promise me to give me a testimonial once you have found this training package extremely valuable and have launched your first successful website.

That would be fair, right?…

– Click on the following ‘Add to Cart’ button and make your payment of $67 right here…

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If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 4,690 through Instamojo…

“Don’t Decide Now – Just Try Everything At My Risk”

Can I help you setup a profitable website starting today?…

– Maybe. Maybe not.

But the only way to find is to try everything in my program entirely at my risk. This package comes with a 100% no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. I personally guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like it.

If you aren’t confident about starting your own internet business after watching the videos; feel more energetic and ignite belief in yourself about creating your own profitable website within 30 days; simply email me, and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not taking me up on risk-free examination of this package.

You can contact me any time using my customer support center right here…

“Make Sure to Place Your Order Right Now!”

Click on the following button to place your order right now. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special page where you can download your entire package and the bonuses instantly.

It doesn’t matter even if it’s 2:00 am in the morning; you can place your order conveniently and safely within just few minutes and get yourself tuned to master this unique website formula…

– Click on the following ‘Add to Cart’ button and make your payment of $67 right here…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 4,690 through Instamojo…

To your online success,

P.S. If you continue to run your internet business the way you are doing it right now, you’re going to get the same results. What I’m offering you is the most risk-free way to try my internet business system so you can see for yourself how my scientifically developed system will get you started setting up your first profitable website…

– Either you have a profitable website or you get your money back, the risk is entirely on my shoulders.

P.P.S. It will definitely help you to increase your confidence, set up a super successful online business and help you to achieve the internet lifestyle you have always dreamed of…

– Click on the following ‘Add to Cart’ button and make your payment of $67 right here…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment of Rs. 4,690 through Instamojo…


By the way, the law asks me to include a legal disclaimer like this: Please keep in mind, as with any business investment, there is no guarantee of success.

* We are not making any claims about the income you may earn.
* We are not presenting you with an opportunity to get rich.

My products alone will not make you massively successful. In fact I do not claim that my products will lead to success. Only when you actually put in efforts necessary to setup your own business you will be successful. Therefore I cannot guarantee success with this or any product. You can check out my earnings disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of use right here…

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