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Kill Confusion, Frustration & Information Overload & Focus Exclusively on Few Specific Steps that Really Matters to Achieve the Success You Desire…

From: Murtuza Abbas

To: Frustrated & confused Marketer looking for a way out to finally get started…

Are you feeling frustrated about the progress you have made or not with your internet marketing efforts?

Did you imagine that you would be where you are today when you got started online with your BIG dream?

If you are like me you might have got started with a dream of making a full time living online from the comfort of your home.

So what happened?…

You’ve read hundreds of salesletters.

Perhaps tried out multiple internet business opportunities.

Purchased tons of ebooks.

Spent thousands of dollars on get rich quick scams, ebooks and biz opps. I personally spent over $5000 when I was new not showing a nickel of profits for my money.

Maybe you’ve been scammed by these get rich quick schemes promising you to make millions in 24 hours by just pushing few buttons.

You kept trying one product after another with a dream that this would give you the magic income system you have been waiting for.

Maybe You piled up credit cards to purchase the next shiny object, you know, one training product after another, maybe now you have realized that you’ve put a serious dent in your bank balance and maybe your debt is piling up and up!

Sometimes you read these training products half way, then see another amazing training product that promises to help you to drive 101,564 vistors within 24 hours and you grabbed it!

A lot of times when you purchase that new product you often see that they are either scam or they are incomplete and that they require more training for you to get things done.

You realize that you have to build a list of subscribers. Then you jump and purchase a list building product.

You suddenly realize that you have to create products, you now jump and purchase a product creation webinar.

And the list goes on and on. When does the insanity end?

You don’t have one single system or one training product that solves all your problems under one single roof. No matter how much you try there’s always a problem somewhere.

You dream to become a millionaire online but it’s hard to make a single dime.

In fact the internet has lead you down the path where you’re not making 4,5 or 6 figures! you’re just helping someone else get there!

The truth is that you know everything about internet marketing. You have all the knowledge that is required to be successful online. I bet you have trainings lying on your desktop right now that has information that could change your life.

But the fact is that you have never taken the right action.

Have you ever picked up one training, focused on it exclusively, made several mistakes, failed in it multiple times and stuck with it till the end? Ask yourself this question, this is serious! Be honest with yourself!

The fact is that it’s not your fault. You are not alone. I know your situation because I have been exactly at this place when I was starting out.

I know that you’re feeling outright frustrated swimming in loads of hype, confusion, frustration and information overload that is taking away your life.

How does it feel having 10 people telling you to do 10 things at the same time?

That’s where you’re right now! Just imagine you’re trying to learn cooking and there are 10 different coaches screaming at you to do things their way. What would happen? You more than likely would mess up the recipe.

It’s the same way if you try focusing on affiliate marketing, product creation, seo, blogging, article marketing, forum marketing, content creation, list building, backend marketing, video marketing, kindle, adsense, mobile marketing, push button money riches & on and on at one time, you will mess up everyting.

But it’s normal to do, it’s not your fault. I’ve been in your shoes! I know how it feels. The real secret to achieving success is to be a master at one thing and be the best at it. Then you take the next step and finally scale things up.

You keep purchasing products, WSO’s, $997 packages and read them all, but never take action.

You’ll never get anywhere if you do this and often times your family and friends keep shouting at you that you are unsuccessful and that this internet thing is a big BS, just move out and hunt for a job.

Or may be it is something related to marketing where you have to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Then you purchase something else to try to figure out the missing piece in the puzzle.

…and now you realize that there is something more missing in this internet puzzle.

The fact is that you cannot solve all the missing pieces of the puzzle at one place.

You know what, you’ve to change if you want things to change, I will show you how…

Do you want to…

Go to your dream vacation that you’ve been dreaming since years.

Help your parents in their old age.

Give your kids the best education possible where money never matters.

Give yourself a stress free life, peace of mind that you desire and deserve.

Give yourself a satisfactory life where you can help your family, friends and yourself with the skills and knowledge you have acquired.

Give yourself a chance to grow in life. It’s not about only making tons of money, it’s about the satisfaction and feeling you get when you achieve your goal that makes you feel happy.

Giving yourself and your family the vibrant health and peace of mind that they deserve. If you earn well this comes automatically.

Help and contribute to your religion, community, charitable trusts you believe in.

Help your friends and relatives in need.

Are You Committed to do What it Takes?…

Get up in the morning and follow a simple process and a plan that I will show you.

Promise your spouse that it is enough of purchasing new products. I am finally committed to doing what it takes to setup real online business and stop fooling around with these get rich quickies.

Roll up your sleeves and take massive action for first few months to get in the trenches and really do what it takes to make a living online and then succeed exponentially.

Forget about all the push button systems and finally realize that making money online or offline takes efforts, patience and a system that you have to follow to achieve success.

Yes, action is required to move ahead in life.

The fact is that there are no push button systems that will make you millions online.

If it would be the creators would have never sold them. They would have kept it a BIG secret.

If you realize that you have to create a solid, profitable, repeatable system and a process that you can follow daily to make money online, you will stop chasing these push button systems. And when you stop chasing them you will finally be willing to put in your time, money and efforts to create that rocket that will take you high and help you to reach your goal.

Without you realizing that nothing will change.

Here’s my story…

I started my internet journey when I was 17 years old.

I joined a computer class where they thought me how to use internet.

In the second lecture they thought me about Google.com and how we can find anything on Google by just searching for it.

I found this really exciting, it was like having the entire world at my fingertips.

I searched ‘how can I get rich’, ‘how to make tons of money’ and all similar phrases in Google. And my frustration started from that day…

– I was exposed to billions of sites showing me a new way to make money. I got confused and started reading hundreds of websites and going through every article, suggestion and book I could get my hands on.

I ended up purchasing over $5000 worth of products, services and softwares my first 3 years online and in return did not make a single red dime.

I purchased everything I could get my hands on, right from ad typing jobs, surveys, surfing for cash, reading emails for cash, placing banners on my computer for cash, I tried them all…

I purchased expensive training products that I never read completely and never took action.

I purchased softwares that I never used to it’s full extent.

I purchased push button get rich quick systems and realized it was a bunch of crap.

After years of pain and struggle I finally realized that I had to work and create good content websites to make a living online and all this crazy push button get rich quick systems were just crap.

I created my first content website. It took me 6 months to learn website and graphic designing and all the technical stuff that comes with creating a website. I could not outsource all this as I was swimming in debt. I wrote 50 articles and published them on my website. Now I waited for Mr. Google to arrive and give me some traffic and sales…

But this Never happened! I was back to square one. Six months of efforts and nothing in return…

I got so stressed! I even had severe chest pain at one point that made me to rush to a cardiologist.

Here’s how I was feeling that time and what I was going through…

I was in a mess.

I had days with credit card bills piled up and no money to pay.

I have seen days where I had only 75 cents in my bank account & felt so frustrated & confused what to do next.

I had been tempted to take jobs in call centers and then leave one week later thinking what am I doing, this is not the life I am suppose to live.

I felt at times that I am not worth anything in life.

I felt that I was in the worst place to be in and wasn’t sure what I should do to change my situation.

Despite of all these problems, I still had hope and nagging feeling in the back of my head that said…

– ‘I can make a living online and there is a fortune waiting for me to be made if I just keep moving’…

So how did I overcome my problem?…

I was determined that I will succeed online and decided to calm down and think positively.

I read ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hills 3 times. If you have not read it make sure you do it immediately.

When I read that book, something stirred in me…

I realised that I had a goal and a plan but I didn’t follow my entire plan right untill the end.

I got frustrated and expected results half way through and started taking shortcuts.

It was kinda like trying to build a BMW without an engine – LOL, sounds simple but this is exactly what most of us do.

I took a pen and paper and listed out everthing that was missing in the puzzle – my website.

I started taking massive action with a plan and renewed my determination, and here’s what I did…

I started my second site and created my first $24.95 product.

I used a simple process I am about to explain to you below and I finally made my first sale ever that made me $24.95…

I went crazy, I was on top of the world and started jumping up and down when I saw my first check after 3 years of pain and struggle.

I cannot explain the feeling of holding my first check of $24.95 in my hands, it wasn’t about money, it was about my first victory after 3 years.

I figured out the system that was working for me and I decided to scale things up.

I created 4 products ranging from $37 to $197 in my forth year.

Used a solid traffic system using the power of article marketing and search engine optimization.

I did everything exactly based on my plan and here’s the results I got…

My site made me over $25k, got over 100k visitors, attracted traffic from thousands of keywords in search engines where I was ranking top for my sites.

I took the same system and worked for couple of my offline clients. Results were terrific…

One of my clients got 2200 leads and 1100 inquiries in the first 6 months in the ‘skin care’ niche.

The second client got around 68 inquiries and 190 leads in 2 days in ‘hair problems’ niche. That same client gave me a project worth over $10,000 per year and my system increased their website conversions by 130%.

These offline clients had brand awareness and some traffic and my conversion system started getting them leads and inquiries almost immediately.

I had my system tuned up and was confident. I finally knew how to create a BMW complete with the motor so to speak where all the nuts and bolts were put in just the right place.

I finally had cracked the code…

Disclaimer: Am I saying you will get the same results? Obviously not.

I don’t know whether you will get out from your bed tomorrow, take my information and take massive action on it.

I don’t know whether you will actually use my instructions and plan. I don’t know your working habits and work ethics.

There is no way I can guarantee you any income or results whatsoever.

I cannot guarantee your income as to how much you will earn from my training and coaching lessons.

And the truth is that those who guarantee you any income are just misleading you to grab your money, I’ve been there too!

I’ll show you what I have done and how I can help you to get started with your online business.

You can make nothing or a million dollars, it solely depends upon the efforts you put in and how you use the weekly coaching lessons I provide you.

You can read my earnings disclaimers and all the legal docs at the bottom of this page.

“What Can You Expect to Learn From My Weekly Coaching Lessons?…”

I am not someone who makes millions every month and who will promise you that you will make one million dollars checking out this training in next 22 days.

I am a person who is making a full time living online from my home using the internet.

I have blogs that drive traffic. You may have seen one.

My blogs have top ranking in search engines for hundreds of keywords in my niche. You may have arrived at my blog from Google or some other search engine.

I have squeeze pages that convert visitors into leads. You may have subscribed to one of my squeeze pages.

I have products and coaching programs that sell and have made me thousands of dollars. You may have purchased one of my products.

I have offline clients who give me projects for setting up their internet marketing campaigns that convert. I don’t have rights to specify their name but the fact is that my clients are top rated skin and hair clinics in India whom I work with one on one.

– I don’t have a complicated system, I have a simple process of…

1. Creating a stunning website and blog that acts like a traffic magnet to search engines and tasty enough for visitors so that they convert into my subscribers and fans. If you have seen my blog you know what I mean.

2. I have a simple process of building tight relationship with my subscribers so that they trust me enough to do business with me and purchase my products and services and enroll in my coaching.

3. I have simple systems to create products and coaching programs. I have systems of creating products in as little as 3 hours and creating high paid coaching programs in under 3 days.

4. I have a process of knowing exactly what my subscribers need right now, creating solutions based on their needs and selling them with tasty offers that gets hard for them to pass by.

5. I have a simple process to track everything down the line and then keep improving upon specific components on regular basis.

This is the simple process I use and I will teach you just that – MY SYSTEM that I USE!

Believe in yourself…

FOCUS is everything. You must realize that you have to focus on very specific steps that will take you ahead in life.

I will give you the right training every week and make sure that you focus on the right steps in the right direction on the right plan till you achieve massive internet success.

Lets take an example. If you have a cardboard in hand, what you think will penetrate the cardboard easily. A knife or a spoon? The answer is simple. A knife. The reason is that all the energy of the knife is focused at one single point, whereas the focus of the spoon is spreaded out.

If you focus all your energy on one plan and one system, you will succeed. If you focus your energy studying 10 different programs from 10 different experts you will get confused and will fail.

Imagine learning football from 10 different coaches screaming at you at one time. Feel the confusion and mess you will create for yourself. That’s what is happening to you right now.

The biggest reason for your failure is not information, you have it available everywhere on the internet at your fingertips.

The biggest reason for your failure is FOCUS

– The ultimate solution to get lazer sharp focus and clarity is to get a coach who will guide you on one specific plan and help you out one on one till you succeed…

I kept purchasing training products for years but never achieved success. I personally got sold in the idea of having a coach and till then I have had many people guiding and coaching me to create various systems that has finally helped me to reach my goals.

Keeping this in mind I created my own coaching program to help my website visitors and subscribers to get started immediately with my one on one help and support.

However, as one on one coaching takes a lot of my time therefore my coaching program is not cheap, it costs $84 per month, that is $1008 per year. I have had many subscribers who requested me to create a cheaper solution to get them started.

I gave a thought and something clicked. I decided to give my weekly coaching lessons of my gold coaching program to my subscribers who could not afford the hefty price tag of $84 per month. I decided to remove the one on one coaching element and give away my weekly coaching lessons for 50% discount.

With this you can get my weekly gold coaching lessons for only $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

The next best thing I would recommend after my coaching program if you really cannot afford it is to subscribe to my weekly gold coaching lessons.

The weekly gold coaching lessons have been created for my coaching clients in a very systematic way that will take them step by step every week to build their online business.

Every week you will get one lesson that will show you only one step that you have to do that week with a home work assignment. Just do that and in the next week you will get the second lesson that will build upon the first one.

Keep doing this for 12 months, that is 48 weeks and you will have build an online business with your own powerful content website, products, coaching program, traffic and sales that you will be proud of.

You will not be swimming in information overload as you will be given one chunk of information every week. All you have to do is go through the weekly training, grab the home work assignment and take massive action to get that task done during one week’s time.

I heard this excellent phrase some where that said –How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time…”

That’s what you will be doing. Building your online business piece by piece and brick by brick. FOCUS is really important to build a powerful online business that you can depend upon. And this weekly coaching lessons will help you to retain your focus…

Already convinced! Grab your weekly gold coaching lessons for only $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

“How Will My Weekly Gold Coaching Lessons Get You Started Step by Step?”

Do you know how to create your website and blog? If you answered no, don’t worry. I will give you my full blown wordpress website design video training course that will help you to build your first website within next 3 hours…

– I sell my website and graphic design training for $37 right here…

But as you are a valuable member of gold coaching lessons you will get this training absolutely free.

Here’s how your website will look like & you will be able to create such a website within 3 hours even if you have no website or graphic design technical skills…

Click to Check Demo Site
Click Here to Check out the Demo Site…

You will get 500 mb hosting space and 5 GB bandwidth with unlimited email accounts. I will even register your domain name that you finalize for your website. I charge $24 quarterly for my hosting and domain name service right here…

– You will get my hosting and domain name service for free as long as you are subscribed to this weekly gold coaching training.

You will have your niche finalized and you will know exactly how to get started.

You will have a plan and clarity to move forward to start and grow your online business.

You will know exactly what you will be selling and how you will be doing it through your website.

In fact you will be helping people by giving your valuable service solving their problems.

You will know what you should be doing from day one. You will know what you must do every single day.

I will provide you weekly trainings in pdf, audio or video format.

You will have a plan to move from where you are right now to where you want to go.

I can give you a list of 150 different features and benefits right here that you are used to seeing everywhere else…

– But the fact is that you are not purchasing these features or list of benefits, you are receiving chunk sized training every week that will tell you only what you need to know at that point to build your online business...

No information overload, no confusion, my only goal is to build your FOCUS

I will be giving you the training and coaching based on what you need right now rather giving you dozens of pdfs, ebooks and videos all at once.

For me to make sure that you have maximum level of focus you have to take the training in bite chunks, use them, be accountable for the work you do, then move forward for the next training…

Already covinced! Grab your weekly gold coaching lessons for only $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

– So in summary, what’s included in the coaching program? Let me give you a quick run down of everything you will learn…

“Here’s the most important thing you will learn…”

You will learn how to get into any niche with the right mindset, start an online business around it, setup the right systems and processes, automate it and then come out of it to create a new system and income stream.

“Here are the specific steps you will be learning…”

1. How to create stunning blogs and websites that act like a traffic magnet to search engines?

2. How to structure these blogs for best positioning in the search engines?

3. How to research super charged moderate competing keywords to go for?

4. How to create your list of keywords for long term targeting and traffic explosion?

5. How to systematically structure your keywords in silos, no one is doing this and Google will notice you if you do this?

6. How to pick up related keywords and target them for long term rankings and google love?

7. How to setup your list building machine?

8. How to create squeeze pages and structure them on your blog?

9. How to create video squeeze pages quickly and easily for max conversions? My squeeze pages convert at 43%, I will show you simple process that you can follow to do the same.

10. Terrific free plugins to use on your blog to convert your blog into a list building engine.

11. How to write emails to send out to your subscribers?

12. How to build relationship with your leads?

13. How to build your expert positioning in the eyes of your subscribers so they trust you enough to do business with you?

14. How to build trust and credibility with your leads? Without this you will have a hard time to sell a 10 cent product.

15. What you must do to get your subscribers to tell you their problems and needs?

16. How to create products specifically targeting the current needs of your subscribers and then sell them your products?

17. How to launch your new product from start to finish with tasty offers and preselling?

18. What kind of products you must create and sell?

19. How to create your first product in 3 hours?

20. How I created my first membership site using a simple idea and made over $2k in one year?

21. How to create a high ticket product easily within 3 days?

22. How to create your first coaching program and launch it within 2 hours easily and charge your clients $1000 to $5000 for your help and coaching?

23. How to structure your backend marketing product funnel?

24. How to go about creating offers at specific points to boost your sales and multiply it by 3x?

25. How to setup a tight system that produces revenue?

26. How to track every component of your marketing machine and make sure you have not created any profit leaks?

27. How to finally use the power of leverage to scale things up?

28. What you must do to create a complete system that will run on it’s own without your presence?

29. How to get started with a new system and rince and repeat the entire process?

Once you have completed with these coaching lessons and have taken the required action, put in efforts to build your internet business, you may actually join that group on the beach sipping Pina Colada and make money from your laptop like you have seen those 18 year old long haired teenagers do in their hyped up salesletters – LOL…

Already convinced! Grab your weekly gold coaching lessons for only $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

Do you still believe there is a push button get rich quick system?

If you still believe that there is a push button get rich quick system waiting for you and learning the above steps from me won’t change your life, close this page right now…

– The fact is that creating a solid business whether offline or online requires the right training and tremendous amount of FOCUS till you achieve it. This is the hard truth. If you are ready to face this truth I am there to help you change your life.

If you’re not an action taker, if you are not willing to put in efforts, if you are not ready to change your life and still want to try your luck with get rich quick systems and waste your life, frankly these coaching lessons are not for you…

– I might lose business by saying this but this is the fact. I am the person who does business with honesty & integrity and I will tell you the way it is right on the face…

This is how I am and this is the way I work…

These coaching lessons includes training in the form of audios, videos and pdf’s that you will receive every week for next 12 months.

You will be in a position to create your website and blog. You don’t have to spend money to get this done.

You will have a clear understanding of how to build a solid list of subscribers.

You will learn how to create products & coaching program super fast based on what your subscribers need, so that they will sell sure shot.

You will discover the exact process of converting your traffic to leads and your leads to clients. Imagine getting sales on daily basis out of your internet efforts.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine What Your Life Would be & How Would You Feel like…

Having money coming in every single day.

Have a smile on your face seeing that you are now self employed and working from the comfort of your home.

Help your parents, brothers, sisters and friends.

Stay with your parents if you are far away from them just to earn your lively hood.

Contribute to organizations and charitable trusts and feel good about it.

Take vacations to exotic spots you truly wish to go.

Have absolute peace of mind that your bills are paid on time.

Get out of the debt you have buried yourself since years.

Finally take control over your life and financial future rather than giving it in the hands of your boss.

Have the health and peace of mind you deserve getting away from money worries and financial stress.

Are you willing to work to get all this and more?

You have to answer this question…

What is it Worth to You to Grab these Gold Coaching Lessons?

As I have said, my clients are paying me $84 per month to get their hands on these coaching lessons along with my one on one coaching.

I have sold these coaching training lessons for as much as $387 to few of my clients who wanted cutting edge training and information as to what is working today to drive traffic and sales to my website.

I could have limited access to these coaching lessons only to my one on one coaching clients who pay me upto $1008 per year but I would limit many newbies from getting started on the internet who have severe financial problems. I remember my time when I was in solid financial crisis and there were people who helped me to get started, the message they gave me was to help others in the same way.

However I receive tons of emails from my subscribers who literally beg me to give them a discounted price to work with them one on one. That’s the only reason I have decided to include this special offer where you get access to my weekly gold coaching lessons for a ridiculous price of $29 per month…

However, before I get to my senses and remove this offer completely make sure you get in today while it is still available for a dirt cheap price of $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

At this point either you realize the value of these weekly coaching lessons or not.

If not, you can continue purchasing those get rich quick schemes and try figuring out everything by your own…

I’ll Take all Your Risk – Here’s My 60 Days Iron-Clad Guarantee

Try my coaching for next 60 days and get a full refund if you don’t like the content and step by step information included in these coaching lessons.

If these coaching lessons don’t help you to get your website and internet business live within next 60 days ready to roll out get your money back.

The fact is that if you are not thrilled with these weekly coaching lessons I don’t want your money.

If you have any questions relating to these weekly coaching lessons you can contact me through my customer support center and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Get Started Right Now & Together We will Change Your Life…

You have nothing to lose. Just try out these weekly gold coaching lessons for next 60 days and you will see the difference.

You will see how much you’ve accomplished having a weekly plan working for you every week.

If you feel that it is not worth the investment just shoot me an email and I will give you your money back.

In fact I will give you the entire blog, coaching lessons and the domain name that I will register for you within first 60 days even if you get the refund. It costs me $15 to purchase your domain name and it is a gift from me just to thank you for trying out my coaching training.

All you need to do is give it a try and I will personally help you to change your life, I give you my word.

Already convinced! Grab your weekly gold coaching lessons for only $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

Your internet business coach,

P.S. You can fast forward your life quickly if you take action today – Imagine…

You have a complete functional online business making you a full time living online.

Your website is driving leads, traffic and sales every single day.

Your subscribers are communicating with you, willing to work with you and they are begging you to take their money for your help.

You have freelancers working for you doing all the repetitive work for you growing your online business every single day.

You have a business that grows on autopilot making you revenue on a day to day basis.

You finally have peace of mind and satisfaction that you finally did it.

Your parents, spouse, kids, friends & family feel proud of you that you finally achieved your dreams out of sincere hard work, honesty and focus…

Make sure you get started today to finally achieve your dreams. Grab your weekly gold coaching lessons for only $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

P.P.S. Do you want these results and satisfaction?

If yes – Are you willing to do what it takes and take massive action to reach your online goals?

If yes – I am willing to help you by giving you this ridiculous offer. Place your order right now and get started today…

If you don’t want to help yourself by taking the first step now then don’t expect your life to change!

Remember, I am taking all the risk by giving you 60 days risk free money back guarantee. If you don’t like the weekly coaching lessons for any reason what so ever, you can get a no-questions asked money back within next 60 days and I will let you keep the coaching lessons, blog and domain name as a gift from me…

– Change your life & your future by taking action and applying today before opportunity passes you by!

Click on the order button right now! See you on the inside!!!

Grab your weekly gold coaching lessons for only $29 per month…

If you are residing out of India, click here to make your payment through paypal…


If you are residing within India, click here to make your payment for the first month of Rs. 2,030 through Instamojo…

By the way, the law asks me to include a legal disclaimer like this: Please keep in mind, as with any business investment, there is no guarantee of success. The information presented in this website is intended to be for your educational purposes only.

* We are not making any claims about the income you may earn.
* We are not presenting you with an opportunity to get rich.

My products alone will not make you massively successful. In fact I do not claim that my products will lead to success. Only when you actually put in efforts necessary to setup your own business you will be successful. Therefore I cannot guarantee success with this or any product.

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